Video Launch

Video Launch

We are very excited to announce that our 'homegrown' videos have finally been launched!

As you may or may not know Ski Peak have been tirelessly upgrading in order to effectively showcase what we have to offer. We have created 4 videos for your viewing pleasure:

  • Ski Peak Snapshot
  • Chalet Saskia
  • Chalet Rostaing
  • Chalet Lucette

You have all heard the saying 'a picture tells a 1000 words'; in that case, a video can tell a whole story and take you on a journey of enlightenment... which brings us on to one of the most incredible videos we have ever seen.

This video really tickled our fancy

We bring you the trailer to 'AFTERGLOW'. A film shot completely at night with the aid of bright, colourful lights to lead the way. It truly is a spectacle of skiing and the forever advancing filming industry. We doff our caps and salute the ingenious!

Ski Peak Videos

Although not quite as breathtaking as Afterglow, we have been working on some videos of our own to aid you in selecting the chalet most suited to your group and your budget. Be prepared to be taken through each room and beyond... onto the terrain and back to the dinner table.

These were filmed and edited by our friends 'O,Brother' who were in resort for just one week and managed to fit all this in!  

Chalet Saskia

Chalet Rostaing

Chalet Lucette

Ski Peak Snapshot

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